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Frequently Asked Questions

Class Timetable is a free download from both the Google Play and iOS App Store. All essential features are completely free, so you’ll be able to manage your schedule at no cost. There is a paid upgrade that unlocks a few additional features. It’s not very expensive, so if you like using Class Timetable please consider this!

All essential features are free, however there are some great additional features that the Pro Upgrade unlocks: a landscape calendar display, task reminders, class notifications, and an improved notification widget. You can export your timetable to an image, PDF or timetable file, and we promise that you'll never see ads. Of course, you'll also support the future development of Class Timetable too! Please note that Android does not support all listed features at this stage.

Pro is a small one time only charge. The cost depends on your country, but it's roughly the equivalent of $2 USD. That's less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Apple and Google Play are separate stores and do not allow us to transfer purchases from one to the other.

Excluding iPad, Class Timetable currently requires all classes to be initially manually entered. Once it’s all set up, it will seamlessly rotate through your schedule.

There's a few things you need to check, and usually one of these is the problem. Make sure you're using a reliable internet connection, and that you're signed into the same iCloud account on both devices. You'll also need to make sure that iCloud Drive is switched on too. If your Apple Watch has stopped syncing, very occasionally watchOS may prevent sync activity to preserve battery. Reinstalling the watch app is a quick way of solving this.

If you've purchased the Pro Upgrade on iOS, you can export your timetable to an image, PDF, or timetable file. The timetable file can be use to backup or share your timetable with others. Android can export as a timetable file but does not currently have image or PDF features available at this stage. Unfortunately we cannot sync across Android and iOS. However you can export your timetable on either device as a .timetable file and import it into Class Timetable on your other device.

Yes! You can enable weekends in the settings menu.

Depending on your country, we do have this automatically available for a select number of countries on iOS. Please check your location/region settings on your phone. We hope to have this available to Android users soon.

We don’t have multiple timetables available as a feature at this stage. Some users have found a workaround by putting their children’s timetables on different weeks.

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow family sharing for in-app purchases at this stage.

Leave Class Timetable open on the correct week on your phone and it will re-sync.

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